Squash Shoes

For the proper practice of sport is of great significance the right choice of the different elements involved in the training process as the sports facilities where you work out, trainers, clothing, equipment, etc. but the choice of footwear is crucial, but sometimes not given due importance, since the use of inappropriate shoes, over time, can have serious consequences for the organism.

There are several factors to be taken into account when making a decision in the first place is the sport you are going to practice, special designs for shoes have been developed according to the different movements for each sport facilitating the practice of it and protecting the user from injury, fortunately there are many brands and models to choose from among them.

Decide which type of shoe is ideal for the sport to be practiced is very easy today because, fortunately, the business houses employ great efforts in anatomic and biomechanical studies to obtain the highest quality products for each of the disciplines, we must focus on the surface of the ground on which will be practiced the sport, the same activity like running, playing soccer or other sports can be practiced on different types of surfaces.

Once you know the sport and the ground you should choose one model among all models that the market offers in terms of the morphology of each athlete's foot, not all people tread the same way, nor have the same standing feet type, there are normal feet and plane feet on different levels, there are also pronator, neutral or supinator, and depending on the toes you may have Greek feet, Egyptians or square.

Prince MV4 Squash Shoes

Squash Shoes
  • Skeletal Stabiliser to increase stability.
  • Midsole consisting of dual density EVA.
  • AirMesh panels provide ventilation.

Asics Gel Blast 3

Squash Shoes
  • Fantastic new colour design.
  • Impact Guidance System.
  • Specialised silicone strategically.